Our New Global Era of Co-Existence iN PEACE with Our entire animalistic nature,
in clean pristine environment
What to do to start benefiting our local surviving species such as city street and stray animals all around our Mother, Planet Earth.

An overview of the global economic disaster inspired me to start observing, continue contributing and benefiting from our new global awareness of the innocence of our humanistic vs. animalistic kind of species and their prolific co-existence with everything all around us on Planet Earth.

Why at all Care?!
The recent happenings all around the world that truly signified the start of the New Era and, my personal favorite, the Empire of the Dragon, is the early on start of a completely new species of humanely innocent sentient creatures on our entire Planet Earth. Our new significance of everything living around ourselves from now on will not be solely the societal, material or marital status of everyone around us, neither whether they are the fittest one to survive. Quite on the contrary, in the spirit of Galactic Brotherhood it is more important for our humankind to associate yourself with All around yourself, in correlation with each other, and whether whatever I pro-create helps generate more genuine communal assistance and heart-based association of all around myself.

My most recent journey throughout all of the Island of Java and Jakarta helped me nourish my soul while coming in contact with amazing fantastic individuals truly kind and nurturing to those in need around themselves, such as those who helped me feed and care for local stray barely surviving kitties and dogs. At the same time, I kept encountering urgent cases and medical necessities for all those amazing once domesticated creatures around all of my way. It’s not the first time I observed and could contribute with a tiny help by providing some mediocre guidance and assistance such as food and water distribution, taking local strays to the vet and then finding a proper home for them, to the benefit of our humankind and their pet companions with all my spirit and my passion I was capable to distribute at that time. Yet, I keep wondering what else needs to be done to help spread this sort of humane animalistic interaction with those around ourselves, in the spirit of this New Epoch of the human global consciousness.

Thank you everyone who was willing and capable of lending a helping supportive hand as well as an ear and was willing to receive this uncomfortable truths for all our global humankind, in the great mercy across our hearts as well as our spirit. Please help provision to a better global domestic animal understanding by reading this short essay, prior to refusing your love and support to anyone around you, be it a simple skinny stray kitty or a well-groomed and well-nourished home-stay dog. Why is it all so important to our common survival of us as joint human species? We all need to understand our animalistic nature in ourselves and the human within our pet friend and companion or simply within any animal we see. What do you have to give me that I can provide to you in return? What is there that makes me feel attuned to you? What is the most beneficial way for our energy exchange?

Over the past few days, I kept taking mental notes of what all stray and street kitty, doggie or another pet animal may require from us humankind to permit for better correlation and co-existence of all of our humane natural outside environment while co-existing peacefully on the firm bottom of our Planet Earth. All this cannot be accomplished without us, having put our minds and hearts to the matter and keeping our hands spread wide to hug and love every human who is kind and willing to support all of those stray and street pet animals in need. Only like this can we achieve human greatness in this fantastic new epoch, the era of a rising sun.
Cherishing what makes us truly Human is more important for us down here on Earth than what makes us truly Divine.
Your own vulnerability will be the only judgement criteria upon letting each and every one of us continue pro-creating on our Planet Earth.
From now on our entire global humankind will be appraised only based on one single criteria: can I be vulnerable enough when I see someone suffer or uncomfortable enough to be able to provide for them even better? O is it out of reach for your global humane understanding?

Ask yourself these questions repeatedly:
  • Am I sufficient vulnerable?
  • Do I let others suffer around myself without providing them much needed care, support and attention?
  • Do I need to contribute to the others (both humans and animalistic) survival and if yes, what can I do to ensure improvement of their existence in correlation with all other species on our Planet Earth.
Nourishing Much More
Malnourishing your body is one of the most aggravating problems for both your spirit and your body that causes lethal disasters. Such as for animals, maintaining health through digesting proper foods is in the forefront of their needs. All animals, also street cats and dogs, not unlike humans need a lot of water to be able to digest any food consumed and keep cleansing their bowel. There needs to be a bowl of fresh water placed next to their food at all times, please help ensure that it is clean all around. Especially in warm and humid climate, such as in Jakarta and in other equatorial countries, it is crucial to keep yourself and your little kitty or any furry friend well-hydrated at all times. Please, all residents of such places should take good care of refilling kitty water bowls every day and keep providing for them to stay well-hydrated. Malnourishing can mean also having a very poor diet (either not satisfying your natural diet). Such as the all-so-popular dry cat food is only supposed to be supplementary to their other genuine food supply. Those cats with strongly developed hunter instinct, which is nearly every newly born kitten out there, may also want to occasionally eat raw meat such as beef or chicken to help improve their metabolism. If they are unable to hunt or live in a closed space such as an apartment, it is our duty as humankind to keep providing them all those fresh meaty delights they may like. Finally, in the wild big cats and doggies too are always capable to keep finding all the means necessary to heal their organism and cleanse their intestines. They are doing so mainly by finding and eating fresh grass and puking out the remaining, as it keeps their tummy and intestines clean and free of excessive bacteria. Should it not be available around your domestic area, please consider growing some for them all around there or getting it from elsewhere.

Please continue learning about proper nourishment and any healing medication from the wild for each and every one of your pets from reputable sources. Just like each and every one of us, each pet, each animal out there, be it outside or inside your house, is sentient and knows what is best for it. Trust in your spirit to keep telling you what your dog and cat may need. Also don’t be gulled by everything you see on Instagram or other social media accounts, as this information might simply be misleading or ugly.

"How about Stay-Home Pets instead of
Street and Stray Kitties and Dogs?"
Providing Better Care
Kitties were never supposed to be stray or homeless. Once Bohemian creatures, they were domesticated and specially bred to be kept inside or near temples and revered as guardians of the spirit world. Unable to sincerely control our joint eagerness to keep them home as our pets, humankind allowed for its uncontrolled spreading throughout the Globe and subsequent malnourishing which resulted in uncontrolled spreading of its species, much of which is begging from each and every corner of our entire planet to heard and cared for.

Brought all over Indochina mainly by sailors from the Middle East and other countries in Europe, such as old-time Holland, they were never supposed to be left alone with local population without being sufficient provided for by those first settlers and traders. From the global humanity perspective, none of those poor creatures were supposed to be left alone out in the cold to die like in all of Northern Hemisphere or be malnourished and under-appreciated on the streets of Jakarta and suffer from dehydration all over Indonesia, or anywhere else in Indochina, Turkey, Muslim communities all over the Globe and even beyond. I envision a truly naturalistic pet-friendly culture in Indonesia and all around the Globe, where all kitties and doggies and any local habitants such as rabbits or even random reptiles and birds, are kept not in cages and not in the street alone collecting the filth from all the pedestrians out there, but inside a loving, proud as well as beautifully arranged home.

Knowing it all, it is truly understandable why many street animals come down to poor health and exhibit diseases such as diarrhea from being malnourished, exhaustion due to the lack of the clean water supply, as well as their constant lack of sight of improving their lives, which manifests in eyes watering and subsequent conjunctivitis. It appears that these tiny poor creatures are simply too suffering while witnessing everything around them, all this humiliation of their own kin and that of humankind all around themselves included.

In fact, all modern cats are basically required for is to provide us with their purring and cuddles to help us release emotional stress and help ritually and energetically cleanse our space to help us better co-exist with everything around us and guard from any malevolent spirits that may cause us any trouble. To satisfy their natural hunter instinct, they may be bringing to your home a few mice or lizards but it is not the only their essential duty. It is their pledge of alliance with their human kin as well as a means to nurture their community.

May Jakarta and all towns around the Globe be inundated not with stray and homeless kitties and doggies but with loving humans who are able to pro-create sufficient love and emotions for all of them and provide the much needed care. This can be done in many different forms, including kitty and doggy cafes and coffee shops or any other locally-correlated forms of engagement and providing healthy humanitarian vs. animalistic interaction with all that wildlife around them. Many of such healthy samples are already seen in many different locations throughout our Planet Earth, such as in Korea or all the way throughout Northern Hemisphere whose habitats learned to combine and provide for multiple species of animals at the same place.

Last but not least, the cat’s environment needs to be almost sterile, very clean from a perspective of a regular individual. No kitty can survive and provide well for him- or herself in a dirty space, with overfilled toilet or dirty surroundings. Being capsulated in such filth, they are unable to clean themselves no longer, they simply refuse to continue nurturing themselves. That is why having a loving and supportive home environment or being properly cared for by a sincere human who takes her needs before much of his own is so necessary. If you cannot provide all of the above, reconsider having a kitty or a doggy, be it in your home environment or elsewhere.

"... It appears that these stray poor kitties are simply too suffering while witnessing everything around them, all this humiliation of their own kin and that of humankind all around themselves included, which causes eye diseases, conjunctivitis until they are unable to continue hunt for themselves and need to succumb to their nature and beg for mercy (which frequently means that they die from all this inhumane malice)"

A Better Rapport System

Based on many years of me observing with great sorrow and pain all over my chest any negligent behavior of humans towards their local pet friends, I envision in the near future a humanistic society where every animal, be it home-stay or stray, is strongly accounted for.

I envision local communities where we are all inspired by our own humankin to stick closer together and notify each other in case we see any malnourishment or mistreatment of their local pets, should this be a case of human vs. animal abuse or should they simply go missing from a household. This chain of reaction should include anyone, starting from yourself and your local surrounding, the police, local residents, caring passersby, as well as local vets, everyone! We need to ensure a more humanistic system for paying for local vets clinic and the distribution of their kindness as well as their services. Besides, every animal can and should be accounted for (just like humans when they are born) - with the vet certificate, passport, and microchip inserted under their skin, so that local communities are always well-aware of anyone who may go missing or be malnourished and maltreated.

What government on its side can help provide to ensure a better humanitarian society is a set of strict laws against cruelty towards animals as well as appropriate measures for their punishment, so that everyone around could be alert and knowledgeable of the name and appearance of an individual who’s committed such a crime against their furry friend or malnourished and contributed to extinction for any pet in the area. Take Germany for example, or any other society with high humanistic spirit, where the punishment for committing such a crime can be as high-costly including being put to jail or paying extremely high fines. Such truly humane system to help facilitate better educational measures for global human population, should be implemented, ONE SINGLE for all residential areas, all over the Globe. The only difference should be only where they are allowed to continue to pro-create.

Any caring and loving person, anyone who considers him- or herself a true animal lover, us truly an humanistic animal rights advocate. Please keep creating circumstances, spreading knowledge about your humanity towards any suffering animals all over Instagram and Internet, help sign petitions and plead, so that your local government would notice the genuine care and interest and help facilitate some changes at least on the national and local level until it reaches global humanity.

As a humankind, we have reached a certain level of appreciation of global technology, like our ability to keep utilizing speedy WiFi all over the Globe. Let’s build on this tradition and continue applying the same principle within all areas of our common global survival. What we need for international humanitarian laws to be re-established as one single global regulatory mechanism to protect all those in need of our genuine assistance, disrespecting single continent’s or country’s laws towards some of its inhabitants such as street kitties or doggies, or even reptiles and birds of certain kind. Having these universal global laws established will help our humankind promote a better principle of security and guarantee that no animal abuse of any kind happens in neither sides of our Planet Earth.

Only by working jointly together, holding our hands tight, can we secure a more diligent and secure survival of all our species jointly all over our Mother Earth.
A Sincere Farewell

Beside everything mentioned above, it is not just during their lifetime when our stray or even home-stay pets need our genuine love and care. They need our spiritual support also once they are no longer capable of sustaining life anymore. In many Buddhists communities, the entire families would capture the breathless body of their animal by putting it on the altar, and helping his or her spirit be reconciled with all the proper honor and respect given to it by their owners who pray and wail while kneeling to their dead bodies.

Some owners would arrange for the flowers to be put all around the dead body of the animal. After which the body will be properly cremated or burned and many families prefer to keep the ashes still close to their own existence, in a special urn in their own home. In certain cultures, including old Slavic culture, it was frequent to bring the body of the deceased (be it a human or an animal) to the open space in the wild and leave it to be eaten by wildlife.

Then bones would be collected and burned. All this we do to help release the animal spirit without much sorrow over its earthly remains and to let it witness our condolences as well as our love for all of the divine.
Lara Kempbell
Actress, Author, Artist
Global Humanistic Animal Rights Advocate
An actress and global wanderer, I have always been impressed by the diversity of species on our beautiful Planet Earth. This short essay is a cry-out of all my entity to help spreading a new global awareness as well as connect heart-to-heart on this topic with same-hearted individuals all over the Globe.

Editor-in-Chief — Matt Porter

Editor — Kate Brown

Photographer — Johan Rose

Special thanks to many wonderful folks around me who helped me jointly describe all what was happening all around us and express it in form of this essay. Some of their names are mentioned below: Melissa, Ibnu, my kitty companion and many more.

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